The partnership between Maji Na Ufanisi and Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company comes at a time when access to clean water and sanitation is still a challenge to many urban dwellers, particularly those living in informal settlements within Nairobi.

Despite the efforts made by the government and other relevant parties towards achieving the Millennium Development Goal (SDG) of providing clean water and sanitation to all, there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure that every resident of Nairobi has access to these basic needs.

Maji Na Ufanisi, with over 27 years of experience providing sustainable WASH project solutions to communities in urban informal settlements, is well-equipped to contribute to this important mission.

By partnering with NCWSC, the organization intends to prepare and support the development of sustainable, equitable, and affordable water and sanitation services in Nairobi City, particularly in the low-income settlements that are often overlooked.

The economic benefits of providing clean water and sanitation access cannot be overstated. Countries with better access to these basic needs have been shown to experience a 3.7% annual economic growth, which can translate into improved living conditions and greater opportunities for the residents of Nairobi.

This partnership between Maji Na Ufanisi and NCWSC is an important step towards achieving the goal of providing clean water and sanitation to all residents of Nairobi, regardless of their socio-economic status.

With the expertise and resources of both organizations combined, it is hoped that significant progress can be made toward this important mission.

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