Maji na Ufanisi (Water and Development): Water Charity Based in Kenya

"Water for All"

Our Organization Chart

The supreme governing body of MnU is the Membership, which consists of professionals from key sectors logically linked with MnU’s core programs, namely the provision of sustainable water, sanitation, hygiene solutions, and climate change. The directors of the MnU board are elected from this Membership. 

Above is the MnU board is the MnU management, led by the Executive Director, along with two senior managers in charge of Programs and Finance & Administration, respectively. MnU has two offices: the Head Office in Nairobi and the MnU Sub-Office in Mombasa City.

Meet the Team

Steve Kariuki

Executive Director/ CEO


Steve Kariuki-CEO Maji na Ufanisi; He is a trained, experienced and dedicated professional in institutional development and management particularly in the areas governance, financial management, human resource, planning & budgeting, procurement & inventory management, audits, resource mobilization as well as reporting.

He has over 20 years track record of successful design, development and implementation of development and relief and programmes in partnership with international development agencies (INGOs & UN bodies), National and County government agencies, national and international Civil Society Organizations, local communities as well as the Private Sector.

He has a wealth of experience particularly in the WASH sector, governance as well as climate change adaptation and resilience. He has held senior management positions in different organizations and gained a lot of experience in areas of Institutional development, governance, strategic management, human resource management as well as capacity building with particular emphasizes on planning, budgeting, reporting and statutory compliance.

Beatrice N. Mwangi

Finance and Administration Manager

Beatrice is an energetic, ambitious, and self-motivated person who develops mature and responsible approaches to handling tasks based on the situations presented to her. As a trained finance and administration professional, she has gained over 20 years of experience managing multiple and complex projects and grants while ensuring compliance with statutory audits recommendations and adhering to government laws and regulations.

Beatrice is committed to achieving high ethical work standards and harnessing her skills to be a strong team player who works well with others to achieve set objectives on time and with excellence.

Jackline Wangeci

Program Officer

Jackline, whose background is in Sociology and Community Development, has been involved in humanitarian-related projects for over 5 years. Her areas of expertise include general community welfare, the Hygiene (WASH) Sector, Project Management, the Agricultural Sector, and Climate Change. As a result, she has gained extensive experience in project management skills and capacity building, among other skills that ensure program success.

Thanks to her background, Jackline has been able to execute various programs with commendable levels of success, regardless of their location. She has dealt with developmental programs in both urban and rural areas, addressing issues such as water, sanitation, and agricultural projects.

Jackline is passionate about getting involved in programs whose objective is to put a smile on another person’s face, particularly those belonging to the lower cadre of life.

Enny M Wawazi



Enny is a dedicated finance and accounting professional. Having over 6 years of experience in accounting position has equipped her with expertise in managing financial reporting, consolidation and financial analysis processes. Also known for her commitment to achieving high level of accuracy using ethical work standards as well as strong organisational, analytical and interpersonal skills.

Hamisa Maalim Zaja

Coast Regional Cordinator

The coast Regional Coordinator is overall responsible for leading the change in consolidating results driven programs conceptualisation – and the proactive facilitation of implementation through others in the six counties of Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale, Taita Taveta, Lamu and Tana River located in the coast region of Kenya.

She will be responsible for ensuring quality in programs design, resourcing and delivery against tightly committed objectives, strategies, results and reporting timelines in the region under her jurisdiction.

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What our Beneficiaries and Partners have to say:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - "Maji na Ufanisi has transformed our community by providing access to clean water and sanitation. Before their intervention, we struggled with waterborne diseases and inadequate sanitation facilities. Now, we can live healthier and more dignified lives. We are grateful for their tireless work and commitment to our well-being."
Community Leader
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - "As a partner of Maji na Ufanisi, I have witnessed firsthand their impact on the ground. Their team of experts is dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to the water and sanitation crisis in Kenya. Through their innovative projects and collaborations with local communities, they are making a real difference in the lives of thousands of people."
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Maji na Ufanisi has helped us in so many ways. Before, we had to walk long distances to collect water from a polluted river. Now, we have a well in our community that provides us with safe and clean water. We have also received training on how to practice good hygiene. Thanks to Maji na Ufanisi, our lives have been transformed