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Institutional Capacity

The organization has an operational Board of Directors with a total of 7 directors headed by a Chairman, a Treasurer and a Secretary who doubles as the Executive Director/CEO. The main mandate of the board is to formulate policies that guide the operations of the organization and achievement of set objectives. The organization also has a strong senior management team that comprises of an Executive Director/CEO is the official spokesperson for the organization and oversees the overall operations of the organization, The Finance and Administration Manager (FAM) who report to the Executive Director /CEO coordinates and reports on all the financial & administration operations of the organization while the Head of Programs (HOP) reporting to the ED/CEO coordinates and provides overall strategic direction for program conceptualization, development and implementation, monitoring and reporting.

Maji na Ufanisi has a committed, versatile and qualified group of staff with vast experience in program management and implementation. The staff have varied capacities and consist of capacities in the areas of technical water engineering, communication information & technology management, accounting, administration, monitoring, evaluation & reporting, community organizing & mobilization and resource mobilization.

Financial Capacity

Financial Capacity
Maji na Ufanisi has sound experience in the management of grants having gained a lot of experience in implementing and reporting on programmes/ projects funded from multiple sources with different and distinct requirements. The hosting of several grants has tried and tested the financial and monitoring systems, internal controls and the governance architecture of Maji na Ufanisi.

The organization has a financial policy that guides fiscal management. Qualified and experienced financial staffs manage the grant finances and are keen to follow the financial policy. Financial information is managed in Sage Pastel Evolution, a robust software platform. The platform is upgraded to newer versions annually to ensure relevancy, security and data integrity.

Maji na Ufanisi also has in place a robust business continuity policy in place to help the organization recover from unforeseen disasters faster and get the systems up and running more smoothly. Maji na Ufanisi Board of directors and the External Auditors who annually examine the books of accounts and give their recommendations offer oversight and their recommendations get implemented by the organization.

Our Capacity

Maji na Ufanisi has a committed, versatile and qualified group of staff with vast experience in program management and implementation.

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