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Strategic Approach

Maji na Ufanisi uses its growing body of knowledge on what works on the ground to influence decision making, and accelerate implementation through creating the capacity of local institutions to franchise effective and applicable implementation models, while redressing social imbalance through its gender mainstreaming and social inclusion programs.

The three-track process facilitates achievement of water and sanitation related national development targets more effectively than working independently, and mitigate the risk of poorer outcomes through systemic evaluation and monitoring programs that improve subsequent implementation.


  • Skills building and capacity building of stakeholders
  • Lobbying and Advocacy campaigns,
  • Building or rehabilitating of water and sanitation facilities
  • Policy development and support government in public awareness creation
  • Media engagement
  • Strategic dialogue forums between CECs and MCA’s
  • Public awareness and sensitization forums
  • Learning and Exchange colloquiums
  • Documentation of best practices
  • Research on innovative approaches with Academia  
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