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Disability issues in WASH

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Maji na Ufanisi continues to widen her scope on empowering the marginalized members of society through strategic collaboration initiatives that are aimed at providing an opportunity for the less privileged to better their lives in a fast growing socio-economic society.

In particular MnU is focused on building effective models on inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) into the mainstream of socio-economic growth in various sectors of society. The models entail using water, sanitation and hygiene as an entry point to economically empower PWDs by creating business enterprises run by poor youth, women and slum dwellers in a financially sustainable way.

To this effect on 22nd July 2015, Maji na Ufanisi hosted Joshua Goldstein, Vice President, Economic Citizenship and Disability Inclusion, from the Centre for Financial Inclusion (CFI) to discuss ways in which the two organisations can work together in providing access to financial services for PWDs through water and sanitation interventions that contribute to human well-being and dignity.

The Centre for Financial Inclusion is an action-oriented think tank working towards full global financial inclusion. CFI, works through a collaborative business model: it forms or connects with groups of key industry participants who come together to address selected challenges- convening, research, publications, campaigns, piloting and knowledge-dissemination. In selecting its program areas, CFI seeks out areas that have a strong fit with its vision of financial inclusion—particularly its emphasis on quality.

The meeting discussed issues such as:  Collaboration with CFI in research with special regard to PWDs through finding out how the Disability Charter established in Mombasa County is enabling education and training for PWDs and how the initiative can be rolled out to other counties; Improvement of staff’s understanding of enhancing capitalisation and investment in viable WASH and water-related enterprise by spearheading adoption of MFI approach through strategic partnership with government, banks, counties, and NGOs in water services.

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