Clean Water + Sanitation = Healthy and Happy People

It is said access to safe water and sanitation turns poverty into opportunities. Sanitation and provision of clean drinking water are key to empowering people. Apart from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the main agenda is to improve the well being of individuals and promotes social development.

 Why is Sanitation so important? Sanitation is defined as conditions relating to public health, especially the provision of clean drinking water and adequate sewerage disposal. Sanitation aims to protect human health by providing a clean environment that will stop the transmission of disease, especially through the fecal-oral route. Diseases like Cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid and polio are linked to poor sanitation. 



The WASHEM Model

Abstract The WASHEM model brings together County Governments and private sector, with technical support from Maji na Ufanisi, to rehabilitate existing public toilets which are then handed over to rehabilitated youths for management. The partnership also builds new facilities after extensive needs analysis. When building new facilities the County Government…