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Welcome to our Photo Gallery. This gallery has images from various activities undertaken by Maji na Ufanisi. To see activity specific Gallery, see this link.

  • Bangladesh-Mombasa-WASH-Commisioning-1.JPG
  • Bangladesh-Mombasa-WASH-Commisioning-2.JPG
  • Bangladesh-Mombasa-WASH-Commisioning-3.JPG
  • Bangladesh-Mombasa-WASH-Commisioning-4.JPG
  • CoG-Chairman-and-Governor-Turkana.jpg
  • courtesy-calls.jpg
  • Githurai-Pri-School-Rehabilitated-WASH-Facilities-2.JPG
  • Githurai-Pri-School-Rehabilitated-WASH-Facilities-3.JPG
  • Githurai-Pri-School-Rehabilitated-WASH-Facilities-4.JPG
  • handing-over.jpg
  • KOMAWASA-CBO-Managing-Kongowea-WASH-Facilities.jpg
  • Kongowea-Sanitation-facilities-after-rehabilitation.jpg
  • Launch-of-MnU-County-Government-Mombasa-Disability-Charter-2.JPG
  • Launch-of-MnU-County-Government-Mombasa-Disability-Charter-3.JPG
  • MnU-CoG-2.JPG
  • MnU-CoG-3.JPG
  • MnU-CoG-7.JPG
  • MnU-CoG-8.png
  • MnU-CoG-Proceedings.jpg
  • MnU-GardenCity-1.jpg

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