Spearheading Community Development: Kaptagat Usafi Group CBO Unveils New Bus for Community

Kptagat Usafi Group CBO unveiled a new bus which the CBO says will be used to enhance more community development.  

Isaiah Waweru, Kaptagat Usafi Group Chairman said the following:

“The journey has been long but we are always looking forward to promoting development in the communities we live in to show that real development is possible even to those who come from poor background. This bus is just an addition to other developments we want to make.” 

Members of Kaptagat Usafi Group show their joy as the pose for a photo in front of their new bus

The success of the group came about through community water and sanitation interventions implemented by Maji na Ufanisi. The group embraced the MnU entrepreneurial model which creates a framework that treats the WATSAN facilities like a business, creating incentives towards success at every level .

Kaptagat Usafi Group have successfully used this model as a way of improving the livelihoods of their members. The community manages the facilities using the pay per-use system. As a result, Kaptagat CBO has been able to collect enough revenue to employ staff to operate and maintain the toilet facilities, pay Nairobi Water Company attendant service charges and operate a savings and credit scheme. 

These investments have transformed the Kaptagat community to a point where they now feel more secure about their future with less fear of being trapped in the poverty cycle.

The group has not only purchased vehicles for commercial and community use but also fulfilled their vision, by ensuring each of the members own a piece of land. 


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