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Maji na Ufanisi has over the years come up with innovative products that have continued to make the organization a leader in the sector. The most prominent products are the approaches and models that have been developed through practical experiences and learning. These approaches and models are:

  1. The Maji Enterprise Model (MEM Model)
  2. The Integrated Community Development Approach (ICD Approach)
  3. The Local Community Development Leader's Model (LCDL Model)
  4. The Sustainable Multi-Disciplinary Youth Development Approach (SMYD Approach)
  5. The Sustainable School WASH Initiative (The SUSWI Model)
  6. The Urban Informal Settlements Upgrading Initiatives (The UISUI Model)

Apart from the models and approaches, Maji na Ufanisi has other products and they include:

  1. Empowered communities with skills (such as management, leadership, and book keeping)
  2. Robust operational structures or sustainable community structures; Strong governance structures for development that enable communities pursue development better
  3. Improved access to portable clean affordable water
  4. Water and environment resource conservation and management
  5. Modern, user friendly ablution blocks
  6. Demonstrated capacity to influence policy (such as the National Communication Strategy for WASH)
  7. Modern and effective financial management policies
  8. Productive and clean environment in informal settlements
  9. Climate change adaptation mechanisms in urban informal settlements
  10. Policy and service provision monitoring/assessment in the water sector

The Portal allows you to invest or Donate for a project of your choice. Projects are posted by communities. Maji na Ufanisi only offers technical help.

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