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  • Capacity Buildng +

    Capacity Buildng Creating capacity of Community Based Organizations to replicate, scale-up and accelerate uptake and implementation of financially sustainable and efficiently managed Maji na Ufanisi’s Youth Managed Business WASH Enterprise Model, which takes in account climate variability and provide for adaptation to promote resilience approaches. Read More
  • Evidence Based Policy +

    In densely populated slums, problematic market WASH infrastructure, MnU holds its existing successful initiatives in Mombasa and Nairobi as the proof-of-concept to drive policy direction towards supporting and enabling this kind of initiatives at national and county levels. Read More
  • Sustainability +

    The program is prepared using a participative approach and will be implemented through this approach. The program works actively with the national and county governments, media, CSO’s and communities putting the emphasis on developing their performance and capacities in the sector. Read More
  • Strategic Approach +

    Maji na Ufanisi uses its growing body of knowledge on what works on the ground to influence decision making, and accelerate implementation through creating the capacity of local institutions to franchise effective and applicable implementation models, while redressing social imbalance through its gender mainstreaming and social inclusion programs. Read More
  • Institutional Strengthening +

    MnU recruits competent staff and provide good compensation programs that encourage productivity and retention. MnU ensures it has adequate IT capacity to document and share information on promising approaches for replication, scaling-up and leveraging of funds. MnU promotes learning by hosting and attending regional and national learning and exchange colloquiums targeting key relevant partners and stakeholders in the sector. Read More
  • Natural Resource Management +

    The continent’s agriculture depends to a large extent on its natural resource base and protection of the same, most especially land and water. Soil degradation through wind and water erosion, exacerbated by farming practices that deplete soil nutrients and soil organic carbon pools, are major catalysts for increasing food insecurity. Improving productivity by increasing fertility of inherently infertile or degraded soils as well as better management of the water resources is critical Read More
  • Gender equality and Inclusion +

    MnU seeks to improve access to livelihood assets and services for women, youth and people with disabilities; Enhance the ability of women and poor and excluded people to exercise voice, influence and agency; and advocate for equity in enactment, implementation and enforcement of the “rules of the game”. Read More
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For the last 18+ years, Maji na Ufanisi has focused on provision of sustainable solutions to challenges of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) to communities in urban informal settlements and the marginalised rural areas of Kenya.



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