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Climate resilience workshop

Climate resilience workshop

Maji na Ufanisi successfully hosted the Climate Resilience in Nairobi's Informal Settlements Workshop on 10th December 2015, at Panafric Hotel Nairobi. The major objective of the workshop was to present preliminary findings from scientific research and practitioners from diverse disciplines who are involved in climate change analysis and identification of structural and non-structural measures to enhance resilience, in addition, provide a medium-term framework for fruitful dialogue between civil society, public administration, economists, social scientists, development partners and the private sector Among the Key speakers and Participants in the meeting were, Prof Eric Odada, Director, United Nations University Regional Centre for Integrated Water Resources Management, Prof. Shem Wandiga, Director, Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation, Prof. Alfred Omenya, Principal Researcher, Eco-Build Africa, Mr. Chris Heymans, World Bank and Prof. Edward Kairu Executive Director, Maji na Ufanisi among others. Other key objectives tackled during the workshop included Identifying the Climate Change indicators in Nairobi while at the same time undertaking a contextual analysis of Climate Change trends in Nairobi; identifying the challenges for implementing different adaptation actions currently being undertaken and opportunities for climate resilience, with a focus on the livelihood of the poor; Stock-taking the existing information, including analysis of the climate related impacts as well as main barriers impeding implementation of immediate adaptation strategies and measures and finally highlighting adaptation opportunities and alternatives which would constitute the basis for Maji na Ufanisi’s programming in the Water, Environment and Sanitation sector.


22 January 2015


Climate Change


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